Hello there, I am Luke India Ramos and welcome to Style The Blog!

About Me

Style The Blog is a fashion blog that was established by Luke India Ramos in 2015.

He started this blog, no, not to escape the ignorance of the stupid homophobes out there but to use it as the platform to voice his sense of fashion with other fashion enthusiasts and fashionistas that shares a similar passion that he does. In addition to that … writing about the topic(s) that he loves so much is a way of cancelling out the pressures attached to being the eldest child.

Developing a passion for everything fashion at the young age of seven years, Luke India now wants to pursue a career as a fashion designer and stylist.

Even though he does do the typical look/outfit posts that almost every fashion blogger does he still manages to stand out from the rest because he is gender fluid. I mean it is not everyday that you see a male fashion blogger wearing a dress.


Luke India