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Christmas Outfit Ideas With Mr Price

It is that time of the year where we head to the stores in a quest of finding the “perfect” outfit to wear on Christmas Eve and / or Christmas Day. In collaboration with Journey Lekhuleni from Journey Speaks, we are bringing you some Christmas outfit ideas.

Journey and I came across each other on instagram, I think that is how most bloggers “meet.” She posted about her collaboration series called #COLLABMAS (collaboration + christmas) and I decided I want to be a part of this. Here we are … “collabmassing” – lol.

Initially I would have done the typical thing and just create a pinterest mood board and share it with you but instead, I compiled some outfit boards with clothing items from Mr Price‘s website. Basically what I did was select two items and create a Christmas Eve and a Christmas Day it.

Before this post gets longer than I planned for it to be, here are my outfit boards:

Outfit 1


Bodysuit – R80 | Purse – R70 | Heels – R170 | Skirt – R180


Bodysuit – R80 | Shoes – R240 | Choker Set – R40 | Pants – R120

Outfit 2


Heels – R190 | Playsuit – 140 | Phone Cover – R50


Heels – R230 | Playsuit – R140 | Earrings – R30 | Choker Set – R35

Other pieces that could be worn on Christmas


Denim Ruffled Jumpsuit – R230


Metallic Slip Dress – R160


Off The Shoulder Top – R80

All products can be purchased from the Mr Price website or in store.

You may notice that the Christmas Eve outfits are slightly more formal because if you are attending a Christmas Eve party / event, the setting is normally more formal than that of a Christmas Day lunch, which is often quite casual and laid back.

Feel free to connect with Journey on instagram or twitter. She is also on snapchat and youtube as theeoriginaljay.

Until we slay again,

Luke IndiaAbout Me

Disclaimer: This post has not been requested or sponsored by Mr Price.


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