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Shades Of Blue

Blue is one of spring 2016’s hottest colours and this season I feel about blue like I feel about black in general.

Now you should know, from my frequent look posts, that I am all about an all black ensemble and my wardrobe consists (mostly) of three shades – white, grey and (a lot of) black – and that are the colours you will often see me wear. In fact, I have some much black in my wardrobe, I can dress a whole church of funeral attenders for a funeral – lol. Somehow I am always putting the pun on funerals when I refer to black clothes in my posts.

Before I dwell off the topic, today’s look post is not about my public love affair with black because today I am feeling blue! (pun intended)


About This Look

Just notice how not one shade of blue in this look is the same. Yeah … even though two pieces might come from the same colour group (navy blue / light blue that is) it is still different from each other and that was my goal when creating this look – to bring together different shades of blue.

In this look I paired a navy blue floral strappy top with a navy blue pinstripe pants. I must say that I am a fan of print on print combinations and this one I created is not too shabby at all hey. I like how the floral does not overpower the pinstripes and how the pinstripes does not overpower the floral.


Then there was is the blue coat that I freaken love wearing. I wanted to don my distressed denim jacket (that made it’s debut on my blog in my Monochrome & Distressed look post) with this look but the blue of the coat is a much better shade than that of the denim. In case, I needed something to make the printed pieces in this look pop even more. Ten out of ten for a job well done coat.


I wrapped my hair with an aqua blue scarf to hide my not so bad hair. Thing is … my hair is not bad but I am currently sporting my natural hair but I lack a little creativity with styling it so covering it up is the best thing that I can do. And it just so happens that hats and head scarves are my favourite accessories for this season.


Oh, and chokers of course! Yeah … one place I do not lack creativity at though is with reinventing things. This choker I am wearing here, is a piece of lace I had cut from a scarf because this look just needed something a little extra. Okurrrrr!


Makeup & Styling: Luke India Ramos | Photographs: 720TX Photography

Scarf: Muizeneberg Markets | Lace Choker: DIY | Black Choker: Mr Price | Coat, Pants: Thrifted | Top: Cotton On | Bag: Cape Town Markets | Shoes: Miladys

When I think about it now, blue was actually one of the first colours I incorporated into my wardrobe when I started my journey of experimenting with coloured clothing.

Have you created a look that consists of one colour only? How did that work out for you? Like always, I am hopeful that you are able to take some inspiration from this look that I had created.


Until we slay again,

Luke IndiaAbout Me


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