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Muchas Gracias

Wow! Let me just start by saying that I am amazed by the fact that I have made it to day four of the #rsabizblogs blogging challenge. This is really quite an achievement for me especially since I have trouble with committing to something. Right now there is no more escaping this challenge.

Now that I think of it … I am actually quite surprised that I have managed to still keep my blog going. Wow again!

So yesterday the prompt was: “EMBED.” You can check out my New Hairstyle Trend: The Corset Braid post which includes an embedded YouTube video and you can check out my Black Affair post which includes and embedded pinterest board. Since I already have (two) posts on my blog that has embedded media in it, I did not feel it necessary to create one yesterday, especially since I already had a post scheduled for my blog.

The prompt for today is: “THANK YOU,” (hence the post title: muchas gracias). This post prompt could not have come at a better time because I already had a post like this scheduled to publish next week but there is nothing wrong in pushing it forward hey.

I am not one to express my feelings easily but here I am today … and I would like to say:

gif source

The last month has really been a successful one for me as far as my blog is concerned. Ever since I have been posting more regularly my “stats have been booming,” like wordpress likes to remind me. I have gained more followers, not only on my blog but on social media too (especially facebook). More followers mean more people are receiving my content – I am reaching a greater audience. I try my best to engage with you as much as I possibly can because the content I produce is for you after all.

Thank you for following my blog. Thank you for subscribing to receive emails of new posts on my blog. Thank you for clicking that link I have published in the comment section of the daily post threads on social media. Thank you for every comment you have left below my posts. Thank you for sharing my content. Thank you for hitting that like button on my posts. Thank you for taking time out of your day to actually read what I have to say. Thank your for putting up with my (shameless) self-promotion and thank you for sticking around!

To think (and as clichéd as this might sound) that I started my blog last year, just trying my luck, not thinking that I would reach this moment with so much positive words from you and lots of motivation to continue. I know I still have a very long way to go.

Until we slay again,

Luke IndiaAbout Me

Disclaimer: Images in this post have been sourced from various sources and have been credited accordingly.


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