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What Is A Day In The Life Of Luke India Ramos Like

I am back! Today marks the second day of the #rsabizblogs 7 Day Blogging Challenge and the prompt I received in my inbox today was titled: “WHAT IS“.

Now the question I associated with this prompt is: “What is a day in the life of Luke India Ramos like?”

Yeah … Personally, I feel like my day is quite b-o-r-i-n-g but I will try to make it sound as interesting as possible with a touch of humour.


Just to make myself clear, yes, I am a blogger but I do not do just that. And no, I do not work and I am not studying either. I currently still carry the title “matriculant” because at the moment that is what I am – a grade twelve learner.

Moving along

My day normally starts at about 06:00 in the morning and no, I do not go onto my phone and browse through my social media like most people do. There really is no time for that. I actually just check the time and make my way to the bathroom.

By 06:30 (sometimes 06:45) I am done titivating. I proceed by waking my siblings and preparing their breakfast. LOL, who am I kidding? In my house it is every man for himself in the morning.

At 07:00 it is time to put on my face. #makeupoftheday



The time is now 07:40 and I make my way to school. Note that at this time I should have been at school already.

On the agenda from 08:00 to 14:45 is school – six one hour periods and two breaks in between with pretty much a whole load of laughter with friends throughout the entire day.


When I arrive home, I have lunch and then check social media and respond to emails. I also retire to my bed for a sixty minute nap or so (because school is exhausting).

Later I will go on to do my homework, revise the days work and complete any assignments that I have.

From 19:00, I spend time watching TV until I can no longer keep my eyes open (but that is only if I managed to get a hold of the remote before one of my siblings).

I also spend the last few hours of the day drafting a blog post or two and selecting / finding suitable images to accompany those posts. Occasionally I will also spend some time brainstorming new content ideas because my mind tends to work a lot better during the hours I should be getting my beauty sleep.

After that, I enjoy a final cup of coffee and browse through my social media once last time.


And there you have it! My (not so) religious daily routine.

Yesterday you got a little glimpse of who I am and today you got a glimpse into a day in my life. I hope that you enjoyed reading this post.

Until we slay again,

Luke IndiaAbout Me

Disclaimer: The images I used in this post have been sourced from pinterest and canva.


7 thoughts on “What Is A Day In The Life Of Luke India Ramos Like

  1. Hi dearest Luke

    Loved this post and your images 🙂
    I also brainstorm content in the evening as I face the same struggle as you. Mind works much better when I should be winding down for the night.

    Best wishes

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve read your two most recent posts and I have to admit that you seem to have a natural writing style that facilitates a smooth and easy internal monologue for the reader. It’s rare and it separates a typical blogger from a writer. Keep appealing to the internal monologue of your readers and you’ll go far. I actully read you posts through because they’re easy, expressive and provide coherent insight into a youthful mind. Nice. Very nice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for taking your time to read it and for the positive feedback, I really appreciate it.

      It is nice to know that my efforts do not go unnoticed (and that it is not for nothing) especially since I feel like I can do much better than what I am doing right now.



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