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My The Fix Fashion Wishlist

Initially I wanted to share my spring fashion wishlist with you because we are in the midst of spring and every season there are new things that I want / wish for. However, after paying a visit to a The Fix store recently, I got the idea to compile a wishlist from their latest range instead because they have so many amazing things that I want to buy.

Like … just check out these pieces I have selected man!

My The Fix Fashion Wishlist


1} Black Off The Shoulder Shirt – R150

2} Black Strappy Fringe Blocked Heels – R200

3} Black & White Stripe Culottes – R180



4} All Over Floral Printed Playsuit – R200

5} Black & White Stripe Eyelash Detailed Bodysuit – R100

6} Faded Denim Patchwork A-Line Skirt – R230

7} Blue & Silver Blocked Heels – R200


8} Pastel Pink Tulle Skirt – R160

9} Floral Print Stacked Birkenstocks

10} White Baseball Cap

11} Black Printed Sling Bag – R180

What I love about The Fix is that they always stock the season’s hottest items, they have something for everybody, their clothes are of good quality and their prices are totally affordable. The Fix and I have come a really long way (since the days the were still known as Fashion Express) and they still remain one of my favourite clothing stores to date.

The website is currently under construction but you can click the highlighted text to view their latest range. I can guarantee you you will find something you like for yourself too.

Until we slay again,

Luke IndiaAbout Me

Disclaimer: This post has NOT been sponsored by The Fix! All the images used in this post have been downloaded from the above mentioned brand’s Facebook Page and you are not denied from reusing the images.


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