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In today’s post I just want to give you a quick update as to what is happening in my life at the moment and what I have planned for my blog.

You may know that I am currently in my final year of high school and finals are starting from today (I only start writing from Wednesday though). No! This does not mean that I have to stop blogging for the time being and I also absolutely have no intention of doing that. I have already worked out my blog schedule around my study / exam timetable.

I took some time out last weekend to do a nice photo shoot so that I can have some content to schedule on my blog for you on the days that I am unable to write a post / blog.


Yeah, I did not post anything last week because I took the time out to focus on my studies a bit. I reeeally hope that it is not gonna come to bite me on my backside because I have been really consistent with posting recently – I would hate it to start slacking now. I mean my views have increased and as well as the engagement / interaction on my blog posts.

Wait … I am not done. On the first of December is my matric ball and I cannot wait to attend it. Literally all I have been thinking about is how I am going to style my hair, how I am going to wear my makeup, what art I am going to have on my nails  and whether my shoes are going to match my clutch or not. All that and the exam stress too.

Hol’ up! I have some more good news to share with you. Yaaas, I am just the bearer of good news today – lol.

From January 2017 I will go into full time blogging! That means new blog (self hosted), new theme, new logo and probably a new name too and much more content on a regular basis. I know that it is a big step for someone that just started blogging yesterday and is not that well known in the industry but I am positive that it will all work out. And with your support I am bound to succeed. #greatthingstocome

In other news … I have collaborations scheduled for December so stay tuned to my blog so that you do not miss out on anything new. What you can also look forward to on my blog later this month is new posts related to my Spring 2016 Fashion Trend Report post I did about a month ago.

In case you missed out any of my posts from this month, simply click the following highlighted texts to have a read at it.

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For now I would just like you to subscribe to my blog and connect with me on my social networks please:


Until we slay again,

Luke India

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Disclaimer: The images used in this post have been sourced and created from canva.


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